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The main purpose of this document is to provide a certain number of information required by legal provisions specific to the online services sector. According to these provisions, information has to be made available to the public in an “open standard”.

This legal notice is distinct from General Terms of Use , Terms of Services , Privacy Policy or Cookies Policy. Users are refered to General Terms of use, Terms of Services, Privacy Policy or Cookies Policy. For each document, users acknowledge that they have read these documents and agree to comply with its terms.

Legal information

The website (hereafter the “Website”) is published by AXA ART Versicherung AG, a a public limited company, with a capital of 14.630.000 euros, having its principal place of business at Colonia-Allee 10-20, 51067 Cologne – Germany, registered in the German trade register under number HR B 32170; EU VAT number 812875535– which is the publisher.

Legal representative of AXA ART Versicherung AG are:

Christian Muller

Kai Kuklinski

Dr. Alexander Wieb

The Director of website publication is Kai Kuklinski, Chief Executive Officer of AXA ART Versicherung AG.

The host carrying out of the storage is ATOS IT Outsourcing Services Limited having its principal place of business at 4 Triton Square, Rege,t’s Place, London NW1 3HG (phone number: +44 (0) 20 7830 4444).

Insurance - regulated sector

AXA ART Versicherung AG is authorised by the BaFin (BaFin, Graurheindorfer Str. 108, 53117 Bonn., Germany).

Contact details

Email address and phone number of AXA ART Versicherung AG, as required by the relevant legal provisions, are and +49 (0) 221 148-24769. However, it is precised that those contact details are only communicated by application of the legal requirements of information and transparency. In that way, they cannot be used for the purpose of any demands or claims for which a specific form is made available to the public as descibed below.

Point of contact

Email address and phone number of AXA ART Versicherung AG, as required by the relevant legal provisions, are and +49 (0) 221 148-24769.Point of contactFor questions relating to the Website, users are invited to contact the webmaster to the following address : or questions relating to services provided by the website, users are invited to send a request to the following

Legal information are constantly updated. Nevertheless, in case of errors or ommissions, they will not create any rights to the users. It has to be noticed that this document does not substitute to any legal registers or legal publications.

Users are expressely informed that they have to take into account the legal notice made accessible at the time of the connection on the website. Users are therefore invited to check back regularly. The publisher reserves the right to amend the content of this legal notice at any time without notice. Date of the last update: June 2016.

Languages and Governing Law is a worldwild accessible website and is intented for all users. This is the reason why english has been selected as the binding language of this website. AXA Art is concerned about providing to a large majority of users an access to the website, especially to the legal notices in the most spoken languages in the world. Therefore, AXA ART Versicherung AG chose 7 different languages, namely English, French, German, Swiss German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. It is reminded that these languages are used for translation purpose only and only the english version available on the website will be binding.

Furthermore, the website and this legal notice are governed by European law. AXA ART Versicherung AG made best effort to integrate the common core elements in the legal documents and legal notices. In case of difficulties, pertaining to the interpretation of these documents, german law shall prevail.